Real Reasons

Al & Vicki

After a roller coaster ride, Vicki sought help from a doctor and was eventually diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Ken & Tanya

For Ken and Tanya Mathys, their ‘why’ is personal. Ken is a firefighter who has saved countless lives with CPR. Only this time, it was his life that needed to be saved.

Teri Ackerson

As a member of a team dedicated to helping implement science-based guidelines for patients, Teri Ackerson has worked for years to improve the system of care for stroke patients in the Kansas City area. Last May, she needed that system of care to save her own life.



Our current YM Survivor for Jump Rope For Heart is Vivian. We don’t usually use child survivor last names for security reasons. Vivian was born with a Heart Condition called Truncus Arteriosus. She had surgery at 2 weeks old and then again when she was 2 years old. Vivian is able to dance and jump rope and play with her friends now thanks to the medical care now available to children like her.